I would like to apply, but don’t really know how to use the internet.

We encourage all applications to be submitted online. By investing the time to register with our site, you can apply for appropriate vacancies as and when they come up, without having to go through the registration process again. You will be given a user name and password that allows you to monitor your applications process and to highlight recommended roles for you. If you really can’t facilitate an online application, you can drop into your local ENABLE Scotland local office and pick up an application form to complete in your own time.


I have been sent an email stating I have been selected for interview, but don’t know when it is.

We send out an email letting you know that you will be contacted to arrange the specific time and date of your interview. We will be in contact in due time. The interview date on the original advert is only a guideline and is subject to change.


I am having difficulty getting beyond the first page of the application; it turns blank and doesn’t give me any other options.

Can you make sure that you have clicked the green ‘button’ at the top of the page that asks ‘accept cookies’? You will not be able to apply if you don’t do so.


Can you email me an application?

We do not email out applications. We encourage you to apply online or drop into your local office for an application form.


Can I send in a ‘speculative application’?

We do sometimes ask for speculative applications if we believe there is a high chance of a positions coming up over the next few weeks. These will be advertised by area as and when the need comes up. You can register with the site initially and check each week for more specific roles to your experience. Registering speeds up the process when you see a role you would like to apply for.


I am not sure how the ‘Gift Poster’ part of the application works.

This part of our application allows us to tell understand what is special about you. We really do recruit based on your values, more so than direct experience. When we consider the people we support, we use the gift posting text as a way of matching applicants to the people we support. E.g. if you put down that you like playing tennis, and the person we support plays tennis – that becomes a good match. Try and be creative and use buzz words. Each time you add a word, hit the save button and add another. Individual words work better than long sentences.


I think I have submitted my application before completing it.

If you would like to alter anything on your application, you can do so by logging in to your account, and editing any part of your text.


I have registered, but can’t see how to apply now.

Once you have registered, and received an email confirming your registration, go back into the job description and hit the ‘click here to apply’ button. This will take you back to the top of the page and remind you that you are just about to apply, and to click the button once more to do so.


I have forgotten my password.

If you click on the ‘forgotten password’ button, this will prompt you to input your username and email address. Your password will automatically be reset and a confirmation email will be sent to you.