Adele Docherty, Human Resources Assistant

Adele was introduced to ENABLE Scotland as one of our Community Jobs Fund, Scotland employees. This government sponsored project encourages candidates aged between 16 and 21 to enter the workplace, giving a mentor and introduced to various aspects of an organisational structure.

This 6 month project allowed Adele to see various different aspects of working within ENABLE Scotland. After Adele gained some great experience, she was employed on a short term contract within the Corporate Services Structure. After proving a valuable member of the ENABLE Family, Adele was successful in her attachment to the Marketing Team and now works as an Administrative Assistant within Human Resources Team.

“I have had so many amazing experiences whilst being part of ENABLE Scotland, learnt so much and continuing to achieve new things.”

Our Head Office moved to Eurocental in 2013. Inspire House is the central base for all of our services including; HR, Recruitment, Marketing, Payroll, Fundraising, Campiagns, Legal and also North Lanarkshire suppor services.

Our head office is located at: INSPIRE House, 3 Renshaw Place, Eurocentral, Lanarkshire ML1 4UF